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Undergraduate Linguistics MINOR

To declare a minor in Linguistics, please go to mymajor.sas.rutgers.edu.
To be accepted as a Minor you must pass 615:201 Introduction to Linguistic Theory with a grade of C or better. 

A MINOR in Linguistics consists of 7 courses of 3 credits each for a total of 21 credits.
The distribution of these courses falls into four main categories, as specified below.
A grade of C or better must be earned in all course work that is to be applied to the minor.
Requirement R1: Introduction
(A)       201      Introduction to Linguistic Theory  (3 credits)
This course is required for Linguistics Majors and Minors.
It is a prerequisite for all courses in (B) and many (but not all) in (C) and (D): it must be taken before them. 
Requirement R2: Theoretical Subfields
(B)       Any 3 of the following courses (9 credits total)
The 1 Course in this list not used for (B) may be counted towards (C)!
305      Syntax
315      Phonology
325      Semantics
350      Pragmatics 

Requirement R3: Linguistics Electives (3 total courses from two groups: (C) and (D); 9 credits total)
  •  at least 1 course from (B) or (C) (3 to 6 credits)
    Two ways to fulfill:
    -Course from (B) that has not already been used 
    -Courses from the list in (C) on the Major page
  •  2 courses from (C) or (D) (3 to 6 credits)
    Two ways to fulfill:
    -Courses from the list in (C) on the Major page
    -Courses from list in (D) on the Major page, including courses from the list of Approved Outside Courses