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Eileen Blum 
Dissertation: The effects of non-linear data structures on the computation of vowel harmony [Full Text]
Affiliation: Dialogue Designer, Data Piper (contractor for Google)
Email: eileen (dot) blum92 (at)

Ang Li
Dissertation: Comparing alternatives [Full Text]
Affiliation: Data Scientist, JPMorgan & Chase
Email: ang (dot) li (dot) aimee (at)

Hazel Mitchley
Dissertation: The introduction and thematic licensing of the external argument [On its way!]
Email: hazel (dot) mitchley (at)


Megan Gotowski 
Dissertation: Syntactic Bootstrapping in the Adjectival Domain: Learning Subjective Adjectives [Full Text]
Affiliation: Visiting Assistant Professor, Pomona College
Email: megan (dot) gotowski (at)

Shoiri Ikawa 
Dissertation: On Agree feeding interpretation: Honorificity, empathy, and switch-reference [Full Text]
Affiliation: Lecturer, Fuji Women's University, Department of English Language and Culture
Email: shiori.ikawa (at)

Nathan Koser 
Dissertation: The Computational Nature of Stress Assignment [Full Text]
Affiliation: Conversation Designer, Quantiphi
Email: natekoser1 (at)

Lydia Newkirk
Dissertation: Be flexible, but not too flexible: limited variable-force modals in Kinande and the typology of modal force [On its way!]
Affiliation: Visiting Lecturer, Yale University
Email: lydia (dot) newkirk (at)


Yu Cao
Dissertation: Plurality and quantification in graph representation of meaning [Full Text]
Affiliation: Applied Researcher, eBay

Christopher Oakden
Dissertation: Modeling phonological interactions using recursive schemes [Full Text]
Affiliation: Program Manager, UC Berkeley 

Augustina Owusu
Dissertation: Cross-categorial definiteness/familiarity [Full Text]
Affiliation: Visiting Assistant Professor, Boston College
Email: augustina.owusu (at)


Deepak Alok
Dissertation:  Speaker and Addressee in Natural Language: Honorificity, Indexicality and their Interaction in Magahi [ Full Text ]  
Affiliation: Senior Linguist, Panlingua Language Processing LLP
Email: deepak06alok (at)

Vera Gor
Dissertation:  Experimental Investigations of Principle C at the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface [ Full Text
Affiliation: Facebook/Meta
Email: vgor (at)

Morgan Moyer
Dissertation:  The question of questions: resolving (non-)exhaustivity in wh-questions [Full Text-main document, Full Text-appendices]
Affiliation: Post-doctoral fellow, Laboratoire de linguistique formelle, CNRS, Paris, France
Email: mcmoyer11 (at)

Livia Camargo Souza
Dissertation:  Switch-reference as anaphora: a modular account [Full Text]


Ümit Atlamaz
Dissertation:  Agreement, Case, and Nominal Licensing [Full Text]
Affiliation: Boğaziçi University
Email: umitatlamaz (at)

Jess Law
Dissertation: Constraints on Distributivity [Full Text
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Email: jesslaw (at)

Yağmur Sağ
Dissertation: The Semantics of Number Marking: Reference to Kinds, Counting, and Optional Classifiers [Full Text]
Email: yagmursag (at)


Yi-Hsun Chen
Dissertation: Superlative Modifiers: Ignorance and Concession [Full Text
Affiliation: Research Fellow, Nanjing University, China
Email: yheasonchen (at)

Nick Danis
Dissertation: Complex Place and Place Identity [Full Text]
Affiliation: Lecturer in Linguistics, Washington University, St. Louis
Email: nsdanis (at)

Natalie Delbusso
Dissertation: Typological Structure and Properties of Property Theory [Full Text]
Email: n.delbusso (at)

Luca Iacoponi
Dissertation: Phonological Agreement via Headed Feature Correspondence: 
Extending Corresponding Theory to Output Features Nodes [Full Text]
Affiliation: Research Scientist, Amazon
Email: lacoponi (at)

Shu-hao Shih
Dissertation: Non-moraic schwa: Phonology and Phonetics [Full Text]
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at National Taiwan University
Email: shuhaoshih (at)


Diti Bhadra
Dissertation: Evidentiality, Epistemic Modality and Questions: Bangla at the Interfaces [Full Text]
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Email: ditibhadra (at)

Věra Dvořák
Dissertation: Generic and Indefinite Null Objects [Full Text]
Affiliation: Analytical Linguist, ServiceNow, CA
Email: vera.dvorak.ling (at)

Beibei Xu
Dissertation: Question Bias and Biased Question Words in Mandarin, German and Bangla [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor, College of Foreign Languages, Huazhong Agricultural University
Email: billyxu (at) 


Vandana Bajaj
Dissertation: Scaling Up Exclusive -Hii [Full Text]
Affiliation: Assistant Director, Princeton Center for Language Study, Princeton University
Email: vbajaj (at)

Mingming Liu
Dissertation: Varieties of Alternatives [Full Text]
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tsinghua University, China
Email: markliu (at)

Hope McManus
Dissertation: Stress Parallels in Modern OT [Full Text]
Email: hmcmanus (at)

Naga Selvanathan
Dissertation: Inversion in Copular Clauses and Its Consequences [Full Text]
Affiliation: Visiting Fellow, National University of Singapore
Email: nagaselv (at)


Carlos A. Fasola Palavecino
Dissertation: Topics in the Syntax of Mapudungun Subordinate Clauses [Full Text]


Matt Barros
Dissertation: Sluicing and Identity in Ellipsis [Full Text]
Affiliation: Lecturer in Linguistics, Washington University, St. Louis
Email: matthew.barros (at)

Peter Staroverov
Dissertation: Splitting Theory and Consonant Epenthesis [Full Text]
Affiliation: Voice Building Engineer, Apple


William Bennett
Dissertation: Dissimilation, Consonant Harmony, and Surface Correspondence [Full Text]
Senior Lecturer, Linguistics Department, Rhodes University
Email: w.bennett (a)

Aaron Braver
Dissertation: Degrees of Incompleteness in Neutralization: Paradigm Uniformity in a Phonetics with Weighted Constraints [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor of Linguistics, Department of English, Texas Tech University
Email: aaron (at)

Paula Houghton
Dissertation: Switch Languages: Theoretical Consequences and Empirical Reality [Full Text]
Position: Part-time Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, Rutgers University
Email: paulash (at)

Todor Koev
Dissertation: Apposition and the Structure of Discourse [Full Text]
Affiliation: Emmy Noether Fellow, Department of Linguistics, University of Konstanz
Email: tkoev (at)

Jeremy Perkins
Dissertation: Consonant-Tone Interaction in Thai [Full Text]
Position: Associate Professor at the Center for Language Research, University of Aizu
Email: perkins (at)

Teresa Torres Bustamente
Dissertation: On the Syntax and Semantics of Mirativity: Evidence from Spanish and Albanian [Full Text]
Position: Visiting Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Departamento de Humanidades)
Universidad de Lima (Estudios Generales)


Crystal Akers
Dissertation: Commitment-Based Learning of Hidden Linguistic Structures [Full Text]
Affiliation: Assistant Teaching Professor and Online Coordinator, Rutgers University Department of Linguistics
Email: cakers (at)

Heeshin Koak
Dissertation: Structural Case Assignment in Korean [Full Text]

Carlo Linares
Dissertation: The Dependency Axiom and the Relation between Agreement and Movement [Full Text]


Daniel Altshuler
Dissertation: Temporal Interpretation in Narrative Discourse and Event Internal Reference [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor of Semantics in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics at the University of Oxford
Email: daniel.altshuler (at)

Slavica Kochovska
Dissertation: Macedonian Direct Objects, Clitics and the Left Periphery [Full Text]
Affilation: Adjunct faculty, University of Wollongong

Sarah Murray
Dissertation: Evidentiality and the Structure of Speech Acts [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor of Linguistics, Cornell University
Email: sem296 (at)


Natalia Kariaeva
Dissertation: Radical Discontinuity: Syntax at the Interface [Full text]

Xiao Li
Dissertation: Degreeless Comparatives [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor of Chinese and Linguistics at Queens College, CUNY
Email: (at)


Liping Chen
Dissertation: dou: Distributivity and Beyond (2008) [Full Text]
Professor of Linguistics
Center for linguistic, literary and cultural studies
Sichuan International Studies University

Seunghun Lee
Dissertation: Consonant-Tone Interaction in Optimality Theory [Full Text]
Affiliation: Senior Associate Professor of Linguistics, International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo, Japan
Email: seunghunlee (at)

Nazarré Merchant
Dissertation: Discovering Underlying Forms: Contrast Pairs and Ranking (2008) [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor of Mathematics, Eckerd College
merchann (at)

Jessica Rett
Dissertation: Degree Modification in Natural Language (2008) [Full Text]
Affiliation: Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles
Email: rett (at)


Adrian Brasoveanu
Dissertation: Structured nominal and modal reference (2007) [Full Text]
Affiliation: Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of California at Santa Cruz
Email: abrsvn (at)


José Elias-Ulloa
Dissertation: Theoretical aspects of Panoan metrical phonology: Footing and syllable weight[Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stony Brook University (SUNY)
Email: Jose.Elias-Ulloa (at)


Oluseye Adesola
Dissertation: Pronouns and Null Operators - A-bar Dependencies and Relations in Yoruba [Full Text]
Affiliation: Senior Lector, Program in African Languages, Yale University
Email: oluseye.adesola (at)

Daphna Heller
Dissertation: Identity and Information: Semantic and Pragmatic Aspects of Specificational Sentences [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto
Email: daphna.heller (at)

Vita Markman
Dissertation: The Syntax of Case and Agreement: Its Relationship to Morphology and Argument Structure [Full Text]
Affiliation: Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Heather Robinson
Dissertation: Unexpected (In)definiteness: Plural Generic Expressions in Romance [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor and Director of the Writing Program, Department of English, York College
Email: hrobinson (at)


Bruce Hall
Dissertation: Natural Quantification in Optimality Theory [Full Text]

Graham Horwood
Dissertation: Order without Chaos: Relational Faithfulness and Position of Exponence in Optimality Theory
[Full Text 1 | Full Text 2 | Full Text 3 | Full Text 4]
Affiliation: Senior Data Scientist at Amazon

Yoko Futagi
Dissertation: Japanese Focus Particles at the Syntax-Semantics Interface [Full Text]
Affiliation: Capability Implementation Manager, NLP and Speech, R&D, Educational Testing Service
Email: yfutagi (at)

Lian-Hee Wee
Dissertation: Inter-Tier Correspondence Theory [Full Text]
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Dept of English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University
Email: chswlh (at)


Nicole Nelson
Dissertation: Asymmetric Anchoring [Full Text]
Email: olenicole (at)

Masaaki Fuji
Dissertation: Syntax and Semantics of Concealed Causative Constructions in Japanese [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor in English, Department of Marine Technology, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Email: fuji (at)

Thomas Werner
Dissertation: Deducing the Future and Distinguishing the Past: Temporal Interpretation in Modal Sentences in English [Full Text]
Affiliation: Adjunct Teaching Faculty, Department of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University
Email: twerner (at)

Alexandra Zepter
Dissertation: Phrase Structure Directionality: Having a few Choices [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Professor, University of Cologne
Email: azepter (at)


Ron Artstein
Dissertation: Parts of Words: Compositional Semantics for Prosodic Constituents [Full Text]
Affiliation: Manager of Corpus Development, Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California
Email: artstein (at)

Luba Butska
Dissertation: Faithful Stress in Paradigms: Nominal Inflection in Ukrainian and Russian [Full Text]

Ahmadu Kawu
Dissertation: Variation in Nupe Phonology and Morphology [Full Text 1 | Full Text 2]
Email: ankawu96 (at)


Brett Hyde
Dissertation: Metrical and Prosodic Structure in Optimality Theory [Full Text]
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department and Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program, Washington University
Email: bhyde (at)

Susanne Preuss
Dissertation: Issues in the Semantics of Questions with Quantifiers [Full Text]
Affiliation: Institute for Applied Information Sciences, University of Saarbruecken
Email: sp4545 (at)

Rong (Rachel) Yang
Dissertation: Common Nouns, Classifiers, and Quantification in Chinese [Full Text]


Eric Bakovic
Dissertation: Harmony, Dominance, and Control [Full Text]
Affiliation: Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics, University of California at San Diego
Email: ebakovic (at)


Olga Babko-Malaya
Dissertation: Zero Morphology: A Study of Aspect, Argument Structure, and Case  [Full Text]
Affiliation: BAE Systems
Email: babko (at)

Edward Keer
Dissertation: Geminates, the OCP, and the Nature of CON [Full Text]
Affiliation: MediMedia Managed Markets
Email: ekeer (at)

Takeo Kurafuji
Dissertation: Japanese Pronouns in Dynamic Semantics: The Null-Overt Contrast [Full Text]
Affiliation: Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Email: kurafuji (at)


Christine Brisson
Dissertation: Distributivity, Maximality, and Floating Quantifiers [Full Text]
Affiliation: Associate Director for Special Sessions, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania
Email: brisson (at)


Yael Sharvit
Dissertation: The Syntax and Semantics of Functional Relative Clauses[Full Text]
Affiliation: Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles
Email: ysharvit (at)

Vieri Samek-Lodovici
Dissertation: Constraints on Subjects: An Optimality Theoretic Analysis [Full Text]
Affiliation: Reader in Linguistics, Department of Italian, University College, London
Email: ucljvsl (at)


Strang Burton
Dissertation: Six Issues to Consider in Choosing a Husband: Possessive Relations in the Lexical Semantic Structures of Verbs [Full Text]
Affiliation: Linguist and Multimedia Developer, Sto:lo Nation, Chilliwack
Email: Strang.Burton (at)