2015 Linguistics Majors

Undergraduate Linguistics MAJOR

To be accepted as a Major you must pass 615:201 Introduction to Linguistic Theory with a grade of C or better. To declare a major in Linguistics, please go to

A MAJOR in Linguistics consists of 12 courses of 3 credits each for a total of 36 credits.
The distribution of these courses falls into four main categories, as specified below.
Majors may also participate in the Departmental Honors Program in their senior year See requirements at the bottom of this page.
A grade of C or better must be earned in all course work that is to be applied to the major.
These requirements apply to those who have declared the Major in Fall 2015, and in semesters following that. The capstone requirement in particular does NOT apply to those who declared the Major in Spring 2015 or earlier.
(A)       201      Introduction to Linguistic Theory
(3 credits)
(B)       Three of the following courses
(9 credits total)
305      Syntax
315      Phonology
325      Semantics OR 350 Pragmatics (not both)
*Note: Any one of the above courses that is not applied toward the requirement in (B) may be applied to (C). 
(C)     Four courses from the list of courses in (B) that have not already been used for the three required
courses in B and/or courses from the following list
(12 credits total)
360      Theories of language
411      Morphology
421      Language typology
425      Romance linguistics
451      Phonetics
481      Language and Law
(D)      Three additional courses, which can be any combination of the following: courses offered in list (C) that have not already been used for the four required courses in (C), courses from the following list, and/or courses from the list of approved outside courses
(9 credits total)
393      Audiology (online)
            See list of approved outside courses on the website.
E)      One Capstone course from the following courses
(3 credits total)
495/496 Senior Honors Thesis (if not used to fulfill the requirement in C; for thesis students)

Departmental Honors Program

Linguistics MAJORS wishing to participate in the honors program in their senior year must make written application to the Undergraduate Program Director no later than May 15 of their junior year.

To be considered, a student must have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or better and a grade-point average of 3.4 or better in courses counting toward the Linguistics major. Students selected to participate in the program enroll in 01:615:495/496 and spend two terms researching and writing an honors thesis under the supervision of a faculty member from the Linguistics department.

After the thesis is submitted, an oral examination on the thesis is given by a committee consisting of at least two Linguistics department faculty members. The committee does not include the student's honors program supervisor. On the basis of the committee's report on the thesis and the examination, the department determines whether the student is to be recommended for departmental honors.