Associate Faculty


Joseph Casillas
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Assisant Professor
Phonetics/Phonology, Speech Production/Perception, L2 Acquisition, Bilingualism
joseph.casillas (at)

Young-mee Yu Cho
Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
Korean Language and Linguistics, Phonology, Morphology  
yucho (at)

Thony Gillies
Department of Philosophy
Associate Professor
Philosophy of Language, Formal Semantics and Pragmatics, Epistemology, Defeasible Reasoning, Philosophical Logic, Decision/Game Theory, Modality, Conditionals
thony (at)

Dave Kleinschmidt
Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Speech Perception, Phonetics, Variability in Communication
dave.kleinschmidt (at)

Julien Musolino
Department of Psychology and Center for Cognitive Science
Associate Professor
Cognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science of Religion
julienm (at)

Paul Pietroski
Department of Philosophy and Center for Cognitive Science
Distinguished Professor
Philosophy of Mind and Science, Linguistic Meaning, Concepts, Nativism
paul.pietroski (at)

Liliana Sánchez
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Theories of Bilingual/Second Language Acquisition, Syntax, Spanish, Quechua
lsanchez (at)

Karin Stromswold
Dept of Psychology and Center for Cognitive Science
Language Acquisition and Learnability, Cognitive and Neurological bases of Language,
Neural Imaging, Genetics of Language
kstrom (at)

Matthew Stone
Dept of Computer Science and Center for Cognitive Science
Natural Language Generation, Computational Semantics, Knowledge Representation, Conversational Agents
mdstone (at)