Life at Rutgers

The Rutgers Graduate Student Association maintains a helpful website and facebook page with information about life at Rutgers as a graduate student, upcoming social events, funding, and other helpful resources.

Research with Human Subjects

Linguistics research with human subjects (e.g., adult psycholinguistic or language acquisition investigations, surveys, work with consultants) is governed by IRB protocols. To locate information on taking the human subjects certification exam, or determine the eligibility of your research for an IRB protocol, please visit the Protection of Human Research Subjects section of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs website.

Teaching and Research

Rutgers Sakai

Course Rosters

Rutgers Digital Classroom Services

Teaching Workshops
The center for Teaching Advancement and Assesment Research (CTAAR) offers a number of helpful workshops for TA's and researchers. To view the current workshop schedule, visit their website

Textbook Ordering

  • Option 1 - Online: Go to the website for the Rutgers Bookstore, and click on Textbooks on the far left. Select ‘Faculty Resources’ at the bottom of the drop-down menu, and click on ‘Adopt’ on the top bar.
  • Option 2 - Via email:

Travel and Research Expenses