Graduate Students

Avelino, Gerard

avelino gerard

Interests: Syntax, semantics, Tagalog and Austronesian linguistics

Contact: gerard.avelino (at)

Blum, Eileen

Eileen Blum

Personal website

Interests: (Computational) Phonology, Phonetics, Irish

Contact: eileen.blum (at)

Cao, Yu

Yu Cao

Personal website

Interests: Computational Semantics, Syntax-Semantics interface

Contact:  yu.cao.nj (at)

Chemey, Natasha

Chemey Professional Photo

Personal website

Interests: Syntax, Semantics, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Argument Structure, Case Marking, Distributed Morphology

Contact: n.chemey (at)

Chen, Chaoyi

 Chen Chaoyi

Personal website

Interests: Syntax, Morphology, Syntax-Morphology interface

Contact: chaoyi.chen (at)

Chen, Jiayuan

Jiayuan Chen

Interests: Semantics, Fieldwork, Definite Expressions, Names

Contact: jc2324 (at)

Dai, Huteng

Dai Huteng

Personal website

Interests: Phonology, Laboratory Phonology, Phonetics, Typology, Tone, Computational Linguistics, Statistical Methods

Contact: huteng.dai (at)

Das, Indira

indira das

Interests: Syntax, Morphology, Typology, Fieldwork

Contact: indira.das (at)

Doherty, John-Patrick

doherty john patrick

Personal website

Interests: Syntax-Semantics Interface, Documentation, West African Linguistics, Morpho-syntactic marking of: times, modality, negation, discourse (non)/neutrality

Contact: johnpatrick.doherty (at)

Gotowski, Meg


Personal website

Interests: Language Acquisition, Learnability Theory, Syntax, Semantics

Contact: megan.gotowski (at)

Ikawa, Shiori

Shiori Ikawa

Personal website

Interests: Syntax, Morphosyntax, Syntax-Semantics interface

Contact:  shiori.ikawa (at)

Joo, Hyunung

Hyunjung Joo

Interests: Laboratory Phonology, Experimental Phonetics, Prosody

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Koser, Nathan


Personal website

Interests: Phonology (Computational, Representation in), OT

Contact: nate.koser (at)

Leduc, Marjorie

Marjorie Leduc


Contact: ml1622 (at)

Li, Ang


Personal website

Interests: Syntax, Formal Semantics, Syntax-Semantics Interface

Contact: (at)

Mamadou Yacoubou, Tajudeen

dine mamadou

Personal website

Interests: Phonology, Phonetics, Optimality Theory, Tone, (West) African Languages

Contact: dine.mamadou (at)

Mitchley, Hazel


Personal website

Interests: Syntax, African Languages (Bantu)

Contact: hazel.mitchley (at)

Newkirk, Lydia


Personal website

Interests: Semantics, Syntax, African Linguistics

Contact: lydia.newkirk (at)

Ohtaka, Akane

 akane ohtaka

Interests: Syntax, Semantics, and Syntax-Semantics Interface

Contact: akane.ohtaka (at)

Raghotham, Sreekar

 Sreekar Raghotham Matam

Interests: Syntax, Semantics, Morphology and their interfaces 

Contact: sreekar.raghotham (at)

Yolyan, Tatevik

 tatevik yolyan

Interests: Semantics, mathematical and computational linguistics, learnability

Contact: tatevik.yolyan (at)

Yu, Jiaxing

Jiaxing Yu

Personal website

Interests: syntax, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, lexical semantics, experimental syntax, Chinese linguistics.

Contact: jiaxing.j.yu(at)

Zhang, Ying

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Interests: Syntax, Semantics, Syntax-Semantics Interface.

Contact: ying.z (at)

Zhu, Ziling


Personal website

Interests: Formal Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Chinese linguistics

Contact: ziling.zhu (at)