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RUMMIT II at Rutgers

RUMMIT II banner

RUMMIT II, the meeting of phonologists from Rutgers, UMass, and MIT, was held at Rutgers on May 16, 2011.


Time Event 
11:30--11:40 Opening remarks
11:40--12:10 Aaron Braver (Rutgers): (Im)perceptible incomplete neutralization: Two experiments on flapping in American English
12:10--12:40 Suyeon Yun (MIT): String-based domains of duration preservation
12:40--01:50 Lunch (Head to the Rutgers Student Center)
01:50--02:20 Claire Moore-Cantwell (UMass): Epenthesis typology in Harmonic Serialism
02:20--02:50 Vandana Bajaj (Rutgers): Hindi bilingual joke wellformedness: A study of laryngeal contrast perceptibility
02:50--03:10 Break
03:10--03:40 Brian Smith (UMass): Paradigm gaps and Spell-Out in OT and HG
03:40--04:10 Coppe van Urk (MIT): On the distribution of clashes
04:10--04:40 ==Break: we will move to Murray 144==
04:40--05:10 Kevin Mullin (UMass): The Necessity of Diacritics for Descriptive Adequacy
05:10--05:40 Peter Staroverov (Rutgers): Sonority and the acoustics of Russian word-final consonant clusters