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The course will explore correlations between the interrogative syntactic form and the speech act of requesting information. Among the specific issues that will be discussed are: approaches to question denotations as sets of propositions/partitions on possible worlds, differences between direct vs. indirect answers and partial vs. complete answers, the semantics of the wh quantifier, number morphology in wh expressions, ways of deriving uniqueness/maximality in answers, functional and pair list readings, negation and negative polarity items, multiple wh questions, D-linking and extra-ordinary scope, question embedding predicates, non-standard (echo, rhetorical, declarative) questions.

Prerequisite: 16:615:531 or permission of instructor.

Professor Bittner's Syllabus for Fall 2010
Professor Bittner's Syllabus for Fall 2009
Professor Schwarzschild's Syllabus for Fall 2007

Fall 2011: Prof. Dayal