This Semester's Courses/Instructors

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Course Number Course Name Instructor
01:615:101:01 Exploring Language Shu-hao Shih
01:615:101:02 Exploring Language Aaron Freeman
01:615:101:S2 Exploring Language Prof. Jose Camacho
01:615:190 sec 90/92 Linguistics Perspectives on Language Luca Iacoponi
01:615:191:90 Linguistics, the Internet, and Social Media Prof. Crystal Akers 
01:615:201:01 Intro to Linguistic Theory Hazel Mitchley
01:615:201:02 Intro to Linguistic Theory Eileen Blum
01:615:201:03 Intro to Linguistic Theory Ang Li
01:615:201:04 Intro to Linguistic Theory Kunio Kinjo
01:615:201:05 Intro to Linguistic Theory Lydia Newkirk
01:615:201:H1 Intro to Linguistic Theory Prof. Adam Jardine
01:615:305:01 Syntax Prof. Jose Camcho
01:615:315:01 Phonology Prof. Akinbiyi Akinlabi
01:615:315:02 Phonology Prof. Akinbiyi Akinlabi
01:615:325:01 Semantics Prof. Simon Charlow
01:615:350:01 Pragmatics Prof. Kristen Syrett
01:615:391:90 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Mechanism Ann Marie Olson
01:615:392:90 Intro to Communication Disorders Marina Gulak
01:615:415:01 Evolution of the Human Language Capacity Prof. Kenneth Safir
01:615:421:01 Language Typology Prof. Mark Baker
01:615:441:01 Linguistics and Cognitive Science Prof. Bruce Tesar
01:615:481:90 Language and Law Prof. Crystal Akers 
01:615:491:01 Praticum in Lingustics Prof. Paul de Lacy
01:615:497:01 Advanced Undergraduate Seminar Hoi Ki Law

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