• Mailing Address:
    18 Seminary Place
    New Brunswick NJ 08901-1184
  • Phone: 848-932-0477
  • FAX: 732-932-1370
  • E-mail: lingdept (at) rci.rutgers.edu

If you are trying to reach one of our faculty or graduate students, please see their respective pages for contact information.

Department Chair
Dr. Bruce Tesar
tesar (at) rutgers.edu
Room 109

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Kristen Syrett (Spring 2017)
kristen.syrett (at) rutgers.edu

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Veneeta Dayal
Room 204
For the UPD's Office Hours for the current semester, please visit the Contact the UPD page.
Email: lingupd (at) rci.rutgers.edu

For information about the Linguistics Major/Minor or Undergraduate Courses, please visit those respective pages for more information.

If you require further assistance and would like to schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Program Director, please contact the UPD at the email address listed above and please include your RU ID in the email!

Website Supervisor
Dr. Kristen Syrett
kristen.syrett (at) rutgers.edu

Laboratory Directors

Comparative and Experimental Syntax Lab
Dr. Viviane Deprez
viviane.deprez1 (at) gmail.com 

Laboratory for Developmental Language Studies 
Dr. Kristen Syrett
kristen.syrett (at) rutgers.edu

Phonology and Field Research Lab
Dr. Paul de Lacy
delacy (at) rutgers.edu 

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18 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1184
Phone: 848.932.0477

Fax: 732.932.1370
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